Ex contacting me again?

and it's not the first time, i've been ignoring for the pasr year since we broke up. she always add me again today i accepted her request but we didn't talk yet

what to do so she leave me because that's so annoying and creepy.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Asshole!! This is the problem with us women we fall for stupid men that win us with their sweet love talk and then all of the sudden out of the blue they want nothing to do with u
    Obviously she never got over u she was still deeply in love when u probably left her all torn and broken


What Guys Said 1

  • From a relationship coaching lens, my thoughts/questions:

    1) Why did you accept her request?
    2) what creeps you out about it? I know you two broke up but was it on bad terms that would make her contacting you a weird thing?
    3) Are you comfortable emailing her to set boundaries?

    • 1/ accepted this time to know what does she want.
      2/it's annoying, i did never message her in the past year and she still is trying to
      3/not really, i don't want to go too deep in my conversation with her, if she talks because it's in my friends list now but she isn't online yet apparently

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