I was accused of cheating because my online dating profile was active?

I was just caught by surprise yesterday. I met a guy on POF 3 months ago. Lives in another city 5 hours away we made time to meet each other and we met in between once a week. He was always saying he wants to get me pregnant by the way I am 38 he is 40. He has 3 kids from two past marriages I have 1. So I noticed within the first week of just texting he took down his profile, but I never did until we were intimate. I never deleted my profile I just hid it. But I was exclusive with him. A couple of days ago after reevaluating our relationship I had a feeling that it was turning into a sexual relationship and I neex someone to challenge me intellectually. I have a Master's degree. I unhid my profile, but never talked to anyone or looked at anyones profile. I decided to let him know what's bothering me first and if it didn't work out we would just have to part ways. When he pulled up my profile and said I am a cheater and he wanted nothing to do with me and for me to lose his number. I didn't deny the fact that I still had an account, but I never cheated on him. I tried explaining myself all I got was that I was a cheater. I mean I found my ex of 14 years in bed with someone else and I still stayed in my marriage and tried to fix it. I am just wondering if this was just an excuse for him to break it off or was it really do important that our relationship didn't deserve a chance?


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  • That's a serious red flag that he's creeping your profile and making accusations like that after three months. You're better off without him. He sounds mental.

    • I know I am somewhat to blame for not taking down my profile, but I wish he would've given me the benefit of the doubt.

    • Yeah, it's very unfortunate. As I said, it sounds like you dodged a bullet here if he's acting like this already.

    • thanks meatballs, it's sometimes hard for women to figure out how a guys brain works. It's good to get some insight from a male's point of view.

What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him to trust you

    • I already have. I thought at our age saying we're exclusive would be enough. But again I know nothing of his past and why he had two failed marriages, whether or not they cheated? I trusted him he was on a 2 week vacay in Britain I never speculated him being unfaithful.

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