This gurl who soon will b married religiously is not talking to me?

Hello, is it wrong to care for a married lady ( a guy n a married lady - they r friends). Every time when meeting her, I greet her by handshake (hold her hand 1-2 secs longer). When we texted I always used sweet words. Then we continue the talk. When her back was aching I quickly tapped her as didn't want others to notice as they would gossip.. We used to hv a walk during lunch time. Or I walked her to bus stop twice. Now since she no more talking to me. I feel hurt. I can't even face her. We work together in same building. When she walks by my desk to go meet her frens, I feel strange n stress as if I can't face her.
After two weeks she suddenly texted starting by "hello, hope u are fine.. " what does that mean?
1. Why couldn't she ask my friends. Instead she said she will wait for me..

2. When i reached work, I didn't even go to her. I only checked what she wanted from my desk. I only left my desk when she went home.. When it comes to work I keep feelings aside. I focus on work.

3. Do u think she noticed I am affected /hurt when she didn't talk to me.. ?

4. As from tomorrow, I don't know how to react or respond if she walks by or of she talks to me face to face (I know it will not be like before. It will b strange for me. She may b smiling or wave to me but I am scared to such feelings. I agree she is married.
I only cared for her. I can't ask sex with her..

5. If between a guy n gurl - even she is married (as two friends) , how can the guy care for her if people say two frens can care?
When I thk about myself, I only cared. It's true I used sweet words on texts but face to face I don't.
Am soo stressed..

Please advised


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  • She's getting married, you should move on, it seems you like her

    • I knw she is. Do u thk she knows I like her or love her that's why she didn't talk to me... ? Now I do not how to face her. I hv to hide myself... I don't knw how long will I b able to handle her.
      There is another gurl, I kiss on cheek n we hv nice conversation. The one I told u above, I can't even kiss her on cheeks...

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