Saw the ex on Friday night, should I keep talking to her?

it was kind if weird , well I was back home for the long weekend and ran into her and a couple of her gf's at this pub . we eventually talked for a little bit but one of her gf's had some negative things to say about me and that sort of sent things into the wrong direction . anyways I was still very attracted to her and find her interesting but not sure if we should keep talking or if this is all going nowhere but trouble .


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  • Get her number...start texting at the very least. See where it never know until you initiate something :)

    • Well I allready have her # at least the one she used last fall and me texting her back then seemed to be part of the problem as I remember so that idea might not help . she seemed to be annoyed by my texts back then .

    • Oooh, annoyed at your texts are not a great sign, but that can just be because she's not a texter :). At this point then, I would suggest to just call her and ask her if she'd like to go out for coffee or drinks (providing that you guys don't live too far from eachother...).

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