Did my girlfriend ever love me?

Or was it all a lie? We broke up and she was cold and no emotional, she said very hurtful and mean things to me that were personal, making fun of who I was, saying I'm not a man, saying that I will never have a relationship that was a good as it was with her, I'm not gunna lie I said some hurtful shit too but only in defense, if she wanted to break up with me, why didn't she just end it without a fight? Without us hating each other, becuase I was willing to end it on good terms, just wondering if she felt any sort of love for me?


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  • I'm pretty sure she got caught up in the moment. What you said probably hurt her and she started flinging out insults to get you back. You guys have those memories together that she cherished and of course break ups are tough on anyone. Not surprised at all that it ended with a fight. No one wants to break up.

    • but do you think she ended it on bad terms because she loved me? making it easier for her to do than on good terms?

    • she started the fight/insults

    • I think ending it on bad terms might've been her way to get you over her faster. If you end on good terms, it can leave lingering feelings and she might've not wanted that

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