Question about right and wrong?

OK so I have a girlfriend and a baby with her also she is crazy and I don't know if I'm still with her for the baby or what I have issues with her and she is a little on the heavy side and that don't bother me as much but she acts like a child and I don't know if I'm just doing the right thing for myself or not I want to make things work but it's getting to be more of a headache if you were in my shoes what would you do mind you lost custody of my child cause she decided to cut her self and yeah it's to much to type out


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  • Your girlfriend willingly cut herself? Uh... you should probably get her to a mental hospital and take care of the baby so she can get some medical attention. She doesn't sound like she is mentally capable of being a mother right now.

    • yeah problem tho she feels as though she don't need it and the baby was taken by dyfs for that reason but for some reason they took my custody as well

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    • she just won't help her / our situation and I feel as though I'm doing this on my own

    • go to court dont hurt her with mental illnees just move foward and co parent

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