How to let go of an illusion of what could have been with someone I CLEARLY know isn't a good fit?

How to let go of an illusion of what can have been with someone I CLEARLY know isn't a good fit for me, but I still can't get over of the "what if or could have been"?


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  • It might help for a start to acknowledge that there are billions of people on the planet and there are almost certainly some out there who would be very attractive to you while far more compatible.

    You can build hopes and dreams around them just as you did for this person, but first you have to let go around those hopes and dreams you built around this person.

    >> "what if or could have been"?

    This isn't a very wise mindset. It's a natural inclination we have, but dwelling on the past excessively doesn't make your present or future any better unless you're using the past to learn something valuable from it. In excessive, it'll tend to prevent you from exploring opportunities you have available to you right now. Focus on present and future.

    • Thanks so much I really appreciate you firstly, secondly you're very wise πŸ’— next my emotions really get the most of me i. e my heart starts pounding hard when I think of this person - as if they have a hold on me & I can't get them out of my mind & heart. Then that's when that mind set of "what could have been" starts to kick in! I get delusional as if I'm missing out on being with him, when I CLEARLY know he's NOT a GOOD fit for me πŸ˜žπŸ˜”

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    • Again thanks so much I'm very appreciative of you πŸ’—

    • & awesome along with the Easter bunnies hehe ^_^ Easter is coming up so Easter bunnies will be joining on loading up on those carrots too hehe ^_^

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