WHY, GOD WHY is it so hard for me to get over him?

I met him online and he was very charming. After about a month of talking constantly we finally met up. It didn't take long for him to start pulling away. Part of me thinks he laid it on thick and then lost his steam after feeling I wasn't going anywhere and I really liked him. At that point, we would see each other 1-2x a week (rarely on a "date" date... maybe 25% of the time) and our phone calls were pretty short, maybe 15-20 mins but not every day. At first I tried to ignore the fact that he liked a lot of space, but then I said, f*ck that... I deserve a guy who wants to spend time with me. He would get really upset when I told him I didn't feel like a priority while he got everything he wanted (sex and the security I'm not dating anyone else). That's when he would start saying really insulting things ("if u say you're a queen stop acting like a princess"..."idk any guy who would want this"). We would stop talking for about a week, then he would try to fix things (but only after I would call and try to reconcile). Then he would go back to his normal behavior. This happened about once or twice in the span of 3 months.

I sat there one day and said "this guy is an ass, get rid of him." So one day, he came over and I told him our expectations aren't in alignment and I'm starting to lose interest. DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN STARTING CRYING? That threw me all the way off. He said he doesn't know what to do anymore and we split amicably.

It's been almost 30 days of no contact and he hasn't tried to get me back, nor have I. Nonetheless, it's really hard to get over him even though we only dated for 3 months! I'm always sad, thinking why isn't he calling and whether he simply replaced me without a second thought. I've drowned myself in volunteer and professional work, hanging out, and watching breakup videos on YouTube, to no avail.

Someone please, help me gain some perspective. What did I do wrong? Why isn't he trying to work it out?
WHY, GOD WHY is it so hard for me to get over him?
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