Why is it that when you're getting over someone, that person either comes back into your life or you see them everywhere?

i can't be the only one who experiences this. :/


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  • From a relationship coaching perspective, a couple of things:

    1. They could be coming back into your life for very specifics reasons. Maybe they want you back or maybe they want to annoy you, especially if they were dumped by you.

    2. This said, most people who raise the point you raise are actually experiencing 'observational selection bias' (Google it). This is the effect of suddenly noticing things we didn't notice that much before — but we wrongly assume that the frequency has increased. In other words, you say you see them everywhere but it's just likely that you think you do when, in fact, you see them in places you would've otherwise seen them but you notice them more.

  • because maybe Life wants to teach you a lesson, that if something is bad for you, then no matter what, dont let it come into your life again. and that will happen again and again, until you learn your lesson


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