Where did I go wrong?

Long story short my ex girlfriend of over a year left me due to my alcohol problem.. I would emotionally abuse her, black out and say things over the phone which I shouldn't have.. and she just eventually got fed up..

After the break up I decided to give her a week to cool down before I reached out again, once I finally reached out she was stoked to hear from me even telling me "thank you for this tlk"

Two days later I reached out and it went even better then the first, this time she said she missed me and opened up

The next day she was completely cold (possibly feeling regret for opening up) and so sensing this, I just asked if I can speak to her later on in the day when I'm not too busy.. she said yeah it's okay (: ..

so this is where things turn out for the worst.. I contact her and she says I don't think we should be friends, I get so attached to you and I don't want to ever get attatched to you, than finally opened up about our past and told me all the cruel things I would say and do and said goodnight

The next day after that I tried reaching out and she just said "pls leave me alone I'm only gonna ask u this once".. so I reply "okay I'll give you what u want bye"

Half a month passes by, at this time I'm trying to move on and focus on me.. but then she reaches out saying that I'm hacking her page, to leave her alone and that I'm making it hard for her to move on.. which is a complete lie!! It pissed me off but I simply replied with ok bye. And haven't spoke to her since..

I really do love this girl a lot, and would love to reconcile sometime in the future and keep it as friends.. but I feel like she hates me.. so what can I do?

I was this girls first love, the first guy she gave it up too, the first of many things for this girl so I know there's still something for me in her heart.. I've been sober ever since she left me and never plan to drink again, I've changed my whole thought process and gained my self confidence back.. when will it be okay to reach out?


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  • Possibly never. Women have very long memories and if you said/did hurtful things, all may be lost. Live and learn and keep the hell away from alcohol.


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