After argument, he said something and it sound like we're over. But I wanna hold him do thinking of text him. Any good advice?

After argument.

We texted actually I was crazy
Then he sent me something but he never said over or never see me again. But I can feel we're over

Haven't talked each other for a week
But I really wanna text him and see him again.

Any good idea ~?


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  • more details first, this is to crazy and all over the place for me to really understand what happened.

    • Just I sent him. How much I want to back like before and he said. He's not upset anymore over it. Probably we're too different personalities. And I said can we hang out again? I like you so much. And he said we could hang out but I'm busy at the moment because of work. And we stopped talking. Did argument because I got jealous.

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    • yea that probably for the best

    • Ok. I'll try,,,,, thanks :)

  • It sounds like a pretty crazy fight. I would give it more time, but from what you describe, it sounds like it's over.

    • Not really crazy fight. Just argument. And i sent him many text (5 or 6 long). Then he said, he's not upset anymore just over it. Could hangout but he's busy at the moment because of work.. then haven't talked for week

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