I'm pissed about something meaningless. How to get over this?

Last month, the guy I've had an off and on relationship for 3 years announced he was moving out of state for a job. I was shocked. He played around the idea of me possibly moving there by saying he'd let me know how the city was that he'd be updating me but I said no.. I was unobliging and acted arrogant. We've had a turbulent but intense relationship. I didn't take it well and basically ended our outing abruptly telling him to go-to leave. He tearfully said he was sorry and left. Rewind now.. he's moved and I'm having a hard time moving on! I routinely check his social media accounts and noticed he referred to another female as "my love" in sentence context and now I'm fuming. She lives in my city so it's not like it matters anyway. I'm so confused and I realize I digged this ditch I'm in now. Long distance relationships don't work anyway.


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