Why I still miss her?

Okay, so she was my first love. We have known each other almost three years but we are not together anymore. But why I still miss all the things we did together and miss her? I feel like I'll never forget all the things we did.
(I've had many girlfriends but she is the only one I truly loved.)


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  • It's inevitable you'll miss someone who has been part of your daily life , so it'll take time for feelings and memories to fade. The only way to move on is to cut all means of contact, and remove all traces of her from your life i. e photos, messages , gifts etc.. anything that has sentimental value. Keep your mind active and focused on things other than her.

    You'll probably never forget her , but over time you'll think about her less and less.. until one day you'll be able to look back on the memories you once shared together and smile , instead of feeling sadness

    Hearts do heal and they do love again


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  • Thanks for the invite and follow. It's not weird that you feel that way because of the connection you had with this person


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  • You never forget your first. That's why they're first. They are meant to leave a mark on your life. The most precious memories we carry are firsts. This is true of everyone. She's always going to be a part of you.

    • I don't know about that... I've love and been crushed by many and actually one for sure is only imprinted in my heart and he wasn't a first... he's the one who basically almost was. got away. rejected me. never was. possibly just as I said in the beginning true love. never know now though

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    • can you love someone else? like I truly deeply passionately addictively love this guy. .. and have never loved anyone... not at all in all my other relationships. .. will I feel this way about someone else again?

    • @igottaknow That's up to you. Sounds like you've got yourself pretty guarded. You have to be willing to let that guard down abd give someone else a chance to step inside. Nothing great will ever come to you if you never take a chance. :-)

  • what is it you are missing in particular

    • also did this end recently or have you been in long term committed relationships afterwards?

    • cause you could just be missing your best friend or the activities or not healed or moved on... how did it end... was it rejection or a blow to your ego in a sense? cause you could be confusing feelings

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  • Because you don't have experience with anyone else.


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