Is it a good enough reason to break up with somone because they smoke?

My boyfreind smokes cigarettes and i always have and always will HATE cigarettes. Its a waste of money and I forbid the smell of them.
I've always avoided potential relationships with others because they smoke.
I knew my boyfreind smoked before i got with him which i thought long and hard about considering him. when I knew this fact i got turned of so much. But back then I liked everything i knew about him so i thought id give it a try because no one is perfect. Now im with him I know about other flaws that i dont really like. I just can't stand kissing him bevause his breath stinks so bad of cigerattes. I can't cuddle him as much as id like to cos he stinks so badly of cigerattes. Also when he stays round mine when he rolls a fag even thiugh i get him to roll over the bin it still somhows gets in my bed, on my floor, etc and i HATE that so much. I dont want to break up with him i really dont, but i can't stand the smell he delivers. He smokes outside yeah but its all in his hair, clothes, breath, etc!
He doesn't want to stop smoking and i certainly dont want to make him to stop for me i dont want him to change who he is.

Am i wrong because of this to break up with him?


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  • Perfectly valid reason. It stinks, ruins clothes, furniture cars, super unhealthy, fire hazard and complete fucking waste of money. I also find people who smoke are complete douchebags who don't give a fuck about anyone or anything by the way simply toss their butts on the ground with no regard to how shitty they look or the littering factor.


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  • You started dating him knowing he smoked, first mistake.
    Yes you can break up with him, but next time don't date someone who smokes. It's not his fault you hated it and tried to hide it.
    Have you talked to him about quitting?


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  • Tell him to quit or it's over. If something disgusts you don't date it.

  • sure d00d

  • that's a great reason if its something u don't wanna be around


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