Why is my ex trying to hurt me after he dumped me?

We were having constant little fights before the break up since he was on vacation in some other country. He was supposed to bring his parents here and he said their visas didn't work and so they're stuck here and his mom don't want him to be with me. When he came back I tried to reach out and meet and talk. He agreed, we met I tried to reason with him and wanted to make him understand he didn't listen and he broke up with me in person. Soon after he deletes me from fb. It's been two months since the break up we are in no contact. A week ago he blocks me on fb then unblocks me yday and post a picture of his family that they are here. He lied to me. I was so hurt looking at it. We have a lot of mutual friends so if the post is public it shows in my newsfeed. Why is he trying to hurt me like this? He lied the reason he gave for the break up. He made me feel guilty that I ruined everything by constant fights and he called me a liar when he hid so much stuff and lied about everything. When he was overseas he sent a guy to my work to flirt with me! The whole incident was so weird. I am confused why he did this? He's adding me making fake profiles. Then deleting them right after because I made my friend send a friend request to that fake profile. why is he doing this? He wanted this break up not me? Should I reach out to him, confront him?


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  • You should ignore him and block him from fb and never try to get in touch with him again. The best was to deal with nonsense like that is to ignore it and let it die.

    • I was deeply hurt that he lied to me. I want to confront him because he blamed me and gave me the guilt for our break up and said despite of everything his mom won't agree. Which was another lie. He played me very bad and now hurting me. I do want to confront him, you think it's a good idea? Or if I wait long enough will he reach out to me?

    • You may be hurt but you com fronting him to tell him about isn't going to change anything. He knows that lied and he should know you be upset finding it out sooner or later. Just shows what kind of person he is. I don't think he will ever reach out to you again.

    • So I am learning diff things from diff people. I am not completely sure if he lied about all those things. Anyway, he's playing mind games with me online. I want him to reach out to me. How do I get him to do it?

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  • He sounds so toxic hun. I would continue to ignore him unless you're dying for the truth, which I doubt you'll get by talking to him.

    He WANTS you to reach out to him

    • What if I don't reach out to him? Is he going to message me?

    • I don't think he will he's just going to keep playing games.

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