My friend has basically moved herself in with me what do I do?

Okay so my friend has recently started to work closer to me and now she is round every day and expects me to cook for her everyday. She has left all of work stuff here she leaves her suitcase here and goes to work and comes back and I just feel like I have no privacy she is constantly ringing me to ask where I am and I just feel stressed like I can't go out to far because I have to be back in time have to say every where I'm going. Like even went out with someone on a date and I could have stayed with him but she is knocking on my door early in the morning I feel like I'm in a marriage like what do I do?


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  • may be she's new to the place and doesn't know anyone else except you. friends are like family when we're away from our home. give her some time to look figure out things.


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  • Put up boundaries! Tell her that as much as you love her company, you don't want her at your house all the time. You'd be happy to help her look for her own place but it's putting to much stress on you and your friendship.

    • if that doesn't work, change the locks and throw her stuff outside (assuming she has a key

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