Do you believe in, value, and/or feel that you are capable of unconditional love? Do you feel that others are too? Why or why not?

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  • Generally not. I actually value conditional love instead.

    I prefer to see love as something earned, especially in a romantic context, than merely handed away freely.

    It motivates me to inspire love and to make an effort instead of simply expecting it to be given away unconditionally towards me.

    • Likewise from a reciprocating context, I wouldn't want a girl to become too settled in the idea that my love for her is unconditional (whether or not this is true). Such a mindset would tend to breed an attitude that takes love for granted.

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  • Every thing capable of awareness, holds unlimited potential. As I am the wind, as I am the sky, as I am the earth.. so is everthing else. Through our thoughts, we make our world, and through our mind, we unlock the key to the truth.


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