This guy I've been talking to or was. We really liked each other and when i wouldn't really for like 30 mins he'd double or triple text me. But when I do it I'm just "too much". Im really angry and I just dont understand why tf he would treat me like this and leave me like our time together was nothing.


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  • This is normal. When guys have free time, they text their girlfriends and they need them at that specific time but when the guys are busy doing something, they see that their girlfriends don't stop texting them and making them lose their concentration, even if they might text them just one or two times

    • SO why did he leave and say he can't be with me?

    • the guy got annoyed because of toxic masculinity (being pushy is considered a male trait, so he justified double/triple texting to himself but not you likely)

    • They always say that. He wasn't serious. You just didn't notice. He was using you at the time he needs

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