The new girl after my ex?

So I'm currently talking to a girl I met back in high school and everything seems to be going well but I just got out of a 3 year relationship 2 months ago. I had sex with the new girl and we make out and all but I'm still not over my ex at times I get really upset and I really miss her and at times want to talk her but I know I shouldn't she's in a new relationship and it seems like this guy treats her great and takes her out and does more things than I did. So my question is do I continue with this girl or just stop talking to her?


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  • I probably not fair to the new girl to lead her on if you still have feelings for your ex.

    • I told her not to get attached and she knows I'm not over her

    • She also told me she would want to help get over her

    • Buts it's hard since I still have feeling for my ex

  • Does it matter


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