Why am I suddenly attracting men?

Im 19 years & 227lbs (almost 20) & a Culinary major. I broke up w/ my boyfriend of almost a year about 2 mths ago. About a little over a mth after that I started receiving text from men I use 2 know. For ex: an old high school crush who keeps sending me dick pics, an old class mate (b/f I transferred schools), & the other men who I while mention later on. My old class mate saying oh that he likes me a lot back then & that he expressed that through teasing & didn't know I was leaving (neither did I wasn't my choice). He also has a kid & a bm & another kid on the way (I dont think he knows that I know though). here's whats up w/ the 2 other guys. I've only known Guy B for a mth & we only had 1 conversation & the next day he says he likes me a lot. Wtf? It was 1 convo about my sob story of a break up. Guy J is my good friend of almost a yr. I really haven't been on a date in half a yr. Me & my bf's dates consisted of me, him & his grandma. No Im not picky or hard 2 please but damn. He didn't have much money but I was ok w/ that; at least he tried. But most of the time I would have 2 come c him instead of it being 50/50. Guy J is being recruited by the Air Force so I told him we should hang b/f he goes. So we saw Assians Creed on New Year's Eve. I didn't expect him 2 pay 4 my ticket especially since a had my own money. We got our tickets early & walked around. It was wonderful, we laughed & talked. After the movie was over we went back 2 his place 2 watch another movie & have pizza. I convinced him 2 let me pay bc he paid 4 my ticket. We watched the movie had pizza & got 2 cuddle. he's not the first guy/person I've cuddled my boyfriend knows I'm a cuddler. It wasn't a date but kind of it felt like 1. Like how a date should feel like afterwards. A few days ago he said he loves me. I told him we need 2 talk in person. So we met up talked & we ended up kissing. I still feel a sense of loyalty 2 my ex. He said I could use him as a rebound but I said no bc he deserved 2 b treated better than that.Why am I suddenly attracting men????Why am I suddenly attracting men????Why am I suddenly attracting men????


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  • Umm... What a strange fella. Kind of reminds of a TV show, but this is plain creepy. 😂😂😂 Seems like this is all for him to cherish his life with quickly, so he wouldn't have to think about living by himself, for the rest of his life. 😏

    • With someone quickly*** 😠

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    • How do you feel about him? It maybe creepy, but he seems to be a keeper.

    • I do have a small interest in him. And the kiss was kind of better than my boyfriend but... I just can't date him or anyone right now. i know I'm not ready other wise I wouldn't have turned down his offer to date. But even when I told him that he said if I ever wantba kiss or just to cuddle to just come to him.

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  • Maybe you're a fetish. There are guys who view overweight girls as a fetish.

    • Um... I don't think so. o. O
      but possibly. yeah I'm 227 but I'm shaped pretty well
      but the people with that type of fetish are chubby chaser. They also say they like to watch them eat. None of them fit the description but... thanks

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