Just got dumped by my boyfriend of 6 months?

I've always loved him and he's been the best guy I've ever been with! but he was always so obsessed with me saying were going to get married and he actually thought this! I kept trying to tell him that no that won't happen. (because I was liking another guy already) I was preparing him for our breakup so that he wouldn't be too heartbroken when the day actually happened. he got really upset at this and decided to end it right on the spot. I feel so sad and depressed like this is my fault, on the other hand I can freely be single.. I guess. I'm going to miss this boy though.

did I do the right thing? was it worth it?


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  • it depends on how you view the seriousness of yur relationships. honestly if its was, id be scared to hell if marriage was brought up in any relationship I'm in. and I'm 22, quite old enough to be thinking about that kind of thing. and also, when people go on and on about marriage, it usually means they are seriously thinking about stuff like that. so getting out when you did was good, especially if you like somebody else. unfortunately, you probably killed his heart in the process

  • Well I mean...it sounds like you totally beat his future with him down...it sounds sorta harsh, I mean you too are in a relationship with each other because you like each other and wanna go somewhere with it. You had a different agenda then him, but you should have at least given him a chance to fix your future and likes.


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