Ex being neutral towards me?

We had a clean break up but we've been friends on and off because of me thinking we can't be friends and then changing my mind. But the last time I made it clear that I want to be friends with her after a big fight, and now she is acting very neutral towards me, it's like we never had anything special, she's just friendly when other people are around. Is she trying to be neutral to hurt me or she actually doesn't care about my friendship anymore?


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  • Just let her go. She wants to be happy and let her do so. I was recently friends with an ex and it didn't turn out well. I wanted to let it go because it was hurting me too much.

    • That's what I was going through but I agreed to be friends with her after all because she wants me in her life and now that I finally did she doesn't seem to want me anymore and it hurts cause I made a lot of effort to accept her as a friend.

    • ☹️ I understand. Breakups are really hard and it hurts like hell to not have someone you deeply care about in your life anymore but things will get better

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  • she's neutral cause she's tired of the bullshit. if you can't handle her being around, she's not gonna bend to your will


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