My girlfriend asked for a break to make sure she isn't using me, what are the chances we get back together?

my girlfriend left me two days ago. long distance. she said it was to make sure that she isn't using me and that when she comes back she can "give 110 percent"

these sound like admirable reasons and it's also framed in a way that makes it seem we will get back together too. She seemed genuine in her wording

it's only been two days but I shot her a message saying that I'm happy to be friends and I'm here if she needs me. she replied and we moved topic. we had a trip for 2 weeks booked to New York. she broke up with me before the trip so that I didn't waste my money but she didn't realise it's non refundable. I mentioned this because it was eating me up inside as I thought she knew.

anyway we agreed that we will do the trip as friends if I truly cannot refund the ticket. she also said that she will be probally want to get back together because she loves me so much.

The reason she has broke up (or taken a break it seems) was apparently to reevaluate how she treats me as she feels she hasn't been the best girlfriend and has been selfish at times. She says the distance is to show her what she would be missing and give her a new perspective on us.

we have been together for 1 yr 3m.

her wording and thought process does not sound like that of a true break up. it seems she has grown aware of her actions and is trying to fix them

I have two questions:

With the way she has worded it and the fact we have spoken does it seem like we could get back together?

I truly cannot refund the trip to visit her and it cost upwards of 1k. I would like to visit her as a friend rather than waste the money and if need be say goodbye the right way.


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  • She has a fuckbuddy for sure. Don't be naive.


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  • "Everybody lies." -Gregory House M. D.
    The moment I hear "take a break" I automatically assume she is tired of the relationship, unable to fix any issues or just no longer interested in being with her partner. Either way she no longer wants to be with him but doesn't have the guts to end things. OR afraid she might not be able to find anything better so she leaves the door open to go back. I may be jaded but I strongly recommend from now on you take everything she says with a grain of salt.


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  • she already cheated on you that's what it means pay attention to her words

    she said it was to make sure that she isn't using me and that when she comes back she can "give 110 percent

    she is fucking another guy leave her

  • Th real reason for a break: she wanted to bang another dude


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