I have to be the dumbest guy ever , can I get some help please?

Ok my ex girlfriend left me I don't feel like putting beforehand up but she left me and got a girlfriend after our on and off balked. I always chased her that's why we were on and off but I stopped chasing to see if she would chase me and welp I couldn't have been any more wrong. But anyway I told her I can't be friends cuz I love her too much but she insists we be friends because she'll miss me and we can still be friends. Even though I don't believe this I go with it now we text and everything but to me it feels like she texts when her girlfriend isn't around then when she just stops texting for awhile even when I text first. So to me this isn't really platonic especially since we once talked about having kids. I kind of feel betrayed but I shouldn't cuz it not my girlfriend but then I should cuz we're friends right? Anyway so to me I'm like after our birthdays we have nothing to talk about I'm done. So she texts me and says our old mentor asked for me I didn't reply the following day I get a heart emoji. Three weeks later get a call saying somebody wanted to talk to me. But I'm like ok why not give them my number why'd you call? πŸ€”πŸ€” then she's like where have I been? And saying stuff like oh so your phone does workπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ now I don't know if she's playing or not I doubt it but I'm just like Bruh tf is going on with you.


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