Does my ex want me back? He is stubborn to maintain friendship. What does he want?

So my ex boyfriend and I mutually broke up after a 2.5 year old relationship. Because he was going to study in a different city and we realised we weren't really compatible (too many fights and difference of opinion) so it's going to be 2 years and we did meet after that, I tried to continue being friends with him but I realised I was hurting so after a year I told him, it's tough for me (atleast now) it's better we stop talking and we did kiss when he came back for holidays. But when he went back he really stopped being nice and sweet like he was when he was in town. But he is insisting on keeping friendship he is being extra nice, which he never was! He texts me often and most of the time he is flirty, I avoided meeting him but he is very stubborn and insists a lot after me refusing a countless times. Eventually he said some very harsh words to me like "Leaving you was the best decision of my life.. i could have had you but I didn't make any effort". So I blocked him from everywhere and he still called me, messages me and recently tried adding me through his friends facebook profile. What does he really want?
It's been 2years since break up and we were each other's first bf/gf and we are 22


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  • Not really


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