Broke up with me for a guy in prison, what does that mean?

My girlfriend of 4 years just broke up with me about a week ago and 2 days later I find out she is talking to her old ex from years ago before we dated pretty normal stuff right? Only thing is he is in prison for hard drugs and has been there since before we got together we were friends when she was with him but I was Persuing her and right after she left him for me he went to prison. My question is because she knows I hate him is she talking to him just to make me jealous and chase her again or is she actually serious about getting back with him? He doesn't get out till the end of the the year I know she can't wait that long I know her well enough to know she will not be alone that long so I can't help but think she is just making me mad and jelouse so I do better and try to get her back, she left me cause I work to much and wouldn't spend enough time with her kids but that's only because I was working 60-70 hours a week trying to support them so they could have a comfortable lifestyle. I asked her if she was serious about getting with him when he's out and she said it's a long ways off so it's unlikely and when I ask if I can fix this she scoffs and says whatever but I insisted she she give me a yes or no and the she said maybe so is she just trying to get more of my time she is mean to me when I go over there but I can tell she is hurt and angry with me I'm spending most of my time with the kids when I'm there cause I do like them and don't want them around him but after they go to bed I talk to her and our talks haven't gone well yet she is so confusing I can't tell what is doing do any of you think I'm right that she wants me to try harder or is she really done with me?


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  • First.. are those kids YOURS or HIS?
    That definitely sort things out
    Maybe she's taking advantage of you to take care of her kids (if they're not yours)
    And if those kids are yours then she'll be around you until her ex gets out of prison
    That's not the right way to make you jealous.. not at all
    If you really care about the kids.. then forget about this woman and do your best to rise them well and be a good dad for them
    They're way much more important then she is 😊

    • They're not my kids but not his either the father is scum too but he's not in prison (he should be) but he wants nothing to do with them and that's a good thing. I'm the closest thing to a dad they've ever had and I'm not good enough at it I don't feel but I do care for them and I'm trying.

  • You are wasting your time on that woman.


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