What are my exes intentions?

I have been with my ex for 2 1/2 years. I was living with him in Italy, and after a rocky period full of conflict, we kind of made a mutual decision to break up. We have gone through ups and downs, very severely. Anyway, the reason behind most of our ongoing conflict was that I was isolated living with him and his mum and spent everyday waiting at home for him as it was my only option.

One week ago I flew back to England, he told me we weren't breaking up we just needed to make the right decision to avoid destroying each other in the future. Long story short I got offered a job in Italy, for the whole week he was saying let's wait for the news about the job. Calling me everyday, texting, saying I love you, etc etc basically acting like we were still together.

The day I received the good news, he said nothing will change, too many things had been said and done, but he loves me. He is giving me mixed signals, some days saying if I go there obviously we will see each other and we will have to see what happens. Then sometimes he is saying it's a bad idea, we will make things more painful.

All the while, he still is messaging me like normal in the EXACT same way as whilst we were together.

I am totally confused, I want to go there just to see how things will be, our relationship was really bad in the end but I think our love is strong and if I have my independence we could really work.

I just don't understand his hot and cold behavior, he sounds confused to me. Please help me understand?


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