For those of you that want your ex back let me ask you something? Why? Aren't you basically giving them the chance to look for someone better?

So I've been hoping to get back with my ex. I thought oh I'll give him time to do his thing and then he will regret it when he can't find someone like me. But then I started to think... I'm going to give him the chance to go out and see if he can find someone he thinks is better and then if he doesn't and he wants me I'm gonna take him back? I mean that's basically what we are doing right? If I'm wrong and you see it different please tell me?


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  • I don't really understand why you would want your ex back anyway? Generally you break up for a reason - it's very rare for people to drastically change and if someone was doing it for you they wouldn't be dating other people at the same time (to find someone else).


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