Two of wife's exes commented about her to her husband (she is amazing, she tried every sexual acts with us b4) which the husband was unaware b4 mrge?

How should the husband deal with this humiliation in public? He confronted about it and after long pressing she confesses it to be true. Now He (husband) who thought his wife was never physical with others (as she said b4 marraige n during dating) now have to hear about her past promiscousity from her exes in a public party, n they smile at him saying she is amazing in bed n that he is lucky to get her in front of others then how should he deal with it? Should he let it go as if he has no emotions? Or what then? NOTE: Yes husband also was never been physical with othr girl exept his wife.


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  • As long as he's getting the same as her exes, I don't think he should worry much. But if she did the crazy stuff with her exes, and he's stuck with routine sex between 6 and 7pm once a month then he should do something about it.

    • Like what? What could be done? Yes she pretend to be like vanilla now

    • I don't know, insist that she does certain stuff. No need to go to extreme like threesomes but getting blowjobs might be a start.

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  • Keep in mind her exes may be fucking with you.

  • there's a reason she married him and not the exes. sex is just sex, you could have sex with someone you don't care about at all. With marriage you hold someone dear, so in that way, you'd just be throwing away someone who cares about you if you broke up over something that stupid


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