Girlfriend broke up with me. Need help getting her back! she's being super mean?

My girlfriend broke up with me 2/7/17. It was hard to go through. I kept begging her for the next few days to come back to me but she would push me away. What destroyed me was, right after she broke up with me, I posted pictures of other girls on my Snapchat to get her jealous and want me back. Well she said she cried herself to sleep and cried for 5 hours when she saw "how fast I got over her". She told me she was going to message me the day after she dumped me to tell me her big mistake and how she wants me back and was not thinking straight. That really hurt to know I could still have her today if I didn't post pictures. I went no contact. Over no contact I was posting on my story me being happy with friends and she posted a mustang picture with other guys and this one guy whom she "missed". She would also put song quotes from songs I showed her and last Wednesday she posted "Missing someone hurts, but what hurts more is knowing you are the reason they are gone" and "what do I do" I knew she had to be talking about me. I broke NC and texted her after a week and a half of NC. She kept telling me about her week and how she likes the single life and these other guys she hung out with so I fired back and showed me with girls. Well it got boring and I went to bed. The next day I texted her this giant paragraph about how much I missed her and wanted her back. She did not think the same. So yesterday, I found out stuff I didn't want to know. She told me she has kissed other guys and she kept hurting me with everything she said. Being a total bitch to me while I was sitting there extremely depressed and the nicer I got the meaner she got. But she still cares for me because I posted suicide threats on Snapchat and a gun and she worried about me. What I don't understand is why did no contact backfire? Why is she a bitch but still cares? And one week before she dumped me, she thought I was dumping her and started crying but then one week later she dumps me? Help please!


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  • OMG. You both sound ridiculously immature and toxic. Stop trying to get back into this tire fire of a relationship and work on being a better person so you can actually have a decent, healthy relationship someday. Block her completely. None of this looking at each other's story bs. No texting. Nothing. Move on and work on being less of a shitty, drama seeking, insecure, passive aggressive person.

    • How the fuck am I the immature one? I am trying to get her back because this girl meant the world to me even though she didn't put in as much effort as I did...

    • "I posted pictures of other girls on my Snapchat to get her jealous and want me back"
      "so I fired back and showed me with girls"
      This is what's immature. Instead of talking to her and saying you thought you guys could work things out, you just tried to make her jealous. And of course it back fired and probably just make her think you're done and moving on. She was just as immature and did literally the exact same thing as you. Neither of you are communicating well and are being petty and passive aggressive. You can't make her change but you can work on yourself. If you do then you can find someone a lot better than her.

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  • All this revenge shit isn't getting either of you anywhere. I'm not sure if you can even salvage a relationship with her at this point. About the only thing you can do now is apologize to her, tell her you were a stupid ass, or something like that, and ask if you can start over again with her. Even then, she might just leave you behind.


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  • You don't deserve to have her back. You tried to make her jealous. No she is gone FOREVER.

  • Just move on.. start hanging out with friends and be happy.. she is and attention freak. she is using you. just let her be.
    if you know her good enough you should know where she hangs out... so stay away from those places and start seeing other girls. if she wants you back she will come back alone.

    • How was she using me? How do you know she is an attention freak?

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    • live your life and start enjoying it.. then.. when she sees how much you are having fun she will come back

    • How can I show her I'm having fun? Post on my snapchat story? The only time I would see her would be when me and her hung out

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