My ex annoyes me ?

i broke up with her like in September.
she post shit as if we were still talking. like one post last week.

comparing her fave expressions when my name pols up. on her phone? my name shouldn't pop up in her phone i dont talk to her..

then always. posting "hot" guys on her page.
n acting all like omfg soo hot.
she just looks thirty its sad.

she put when your mad at "bae "
or stuff like she can meet someone better. i just feel lile she disses me.. with some posts.
but at tje end pf the day i dont talk to her at all hahaha she's stupid...

would it be wrong to tell her something?
or would i be mean or bullying for that
.. cuz she stays talking little shit it bugs the fuck out of me i keep. looking on hernpage cuz its funny xD


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  • If it bothers you then don't look at her page. She can post whatever she wants on her page and I think confronting her about it would just be stupid in my opinion.

    • i guess im stupid thn u_u hHaha

    • so i should just let her talk shit about me then ok :)

    • She's not talking shit about you though. All she's doing is liking photos, every girl does that. It would honestly be ridiculous if you called her up on this. If you don't want to see them then don't look at her page.

  • Why not just stop caring and live your own life? You say she annoys you but you're the one actively going on and looking at her stuff. That's just as sad as her making posts and whatnot.

    • BECAUSE i noticed she refers to me. on some post like wtf. dont be talkimg shit.

      i dont post shit about her dumb ass.

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    • Someone talking about you doesn't involve you. You can just ignore it. Nobody is making you react to her antics.

    • ok il stop. u hAppy? fawk
      y do girls allways have to b right..

      ok il let her talk shit about me thn k bye

  • go out with friends and ask a few good looking ladies of they would like to take a photo with you and then upload it on social media and have a friend of yours tag her in your photo. she will eat herself when stressing out who those girls are 😜

    • eee thats so good.
      i got a super pretty friend shell. do. it for sure thanks ! at least someone on here is helpfull geezz

    • 😉 good luck

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