Is talking to your exs friend a good idea?

We have a mutual friend, and I am working on getting her back. Is it a good idea to get some insight from her best friend to know how to go about this situation, and how to get her back?


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  • She's probably your best chance. The worst thing that can happen is she says she doesn't want to be involved. Good luck achieving your goal!

  • It would depend on why you are talking to the friend. Some people surely do it just to make the ex jealous or I imagine to gain. Feeling of "hahaha you may not like me but your friends do and they are cooler then you, that's why we talk but not you." That type of thinking would promote an idea that the ex had the problems taking away all blame from you.

    So in short, as long as your motives are good then it's not an issue. But it could start some if the ex isn't able to handle it. Just because Eros love didn't work out doesn't necessarily mean a friendship bond can't be possible, just have boundaries and respect.

    • Trying to get insight from a friend to get her back might cause further distancing.

      Letting the friend know how you feel however is slightly different.

      Letting the ex know how you feel directly is even more different. I don't know your situation but personally i would try to pull the first one. The other two I feel would truly yield a better outcome.

      Just a little insight it's Because the first one to me sounds like you're trying to game her or get an unfair advantage. It's like if you are looking up cheat codes to a video game. Rather then going in with your own Brain (or with a friend) and trying to beat the level

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    • she's depressed, and an introvert. She has never lied to me yet, and when she does, its the "Im fine, nothing is wrong" card. She hasn't been on social media in almost 5 hours today, and I feel she would like some alone time, so I will let her be alone, enjoy herself, and I guess I can check on her in a few days to see how she's doing. I won't try to get her friend involved just yet, thanks for giving me your take on it though!

    • Lol it's no problem.. I mean if you're serious about this, then I would spend some time researching depression and how to deal with a depressed girlfriend. There's ton of info I'm sure that addresses that specific problem. If you haven't already

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