Are these reasons enough to break up?

1. You're tired of fighting over the same problems again and again...

2. You don't seem to have a solution on a current problem...

3. Your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn't have any plans for the two of you...

4. He/ she is so immature that when you adjust for him/her he/she still does the same thing again expecting you to adjust again...

5. Sometimes, you feel he/she doesn't care about you and during the times that he/she is with friends, he/she doesn't consider you as long as he/she's having fun...

6. You feel that he/she is lying to you so that he/she can go out without you knowing...

We both love each other...if your answer is no...then, why and what should I do?

if your answer is yes...please give the reason why...

thank you...!

to boys...f ur in the position of my bf...what would you think f I'm breaking up with you because of these reasons?
what if I'll give him another chance? do you think there may be changes? or is it pure stupidity?,i gave my man another chance...and gave him an ultimatum as suggested since I agreed that its just right here comes another problem...all the things listed here occurred again twice since the posting of this...! I want it done...!
but then...he's crying for another chance again..he's been begging me for days...he says that he won't do it again and stuff...I'm tired of thinking about him and feeling the pain...i think, I won't survive it next time...! what should I do...?


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  • Your being challenged over and over again, but it appears that your only doing your part only. A lot of people take things for granted until they finally loose it for good. It seems like you want to be happy, but no matter what there's always a problem with you other half. In the end you do whatever is best for you, but I would call it off, only if it were me though, because there's way too much drama. But that's me though, remember you are you, and you will think about it, and do whatever is right for you. Gook luck with everything ms, and take care there.


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  • Sorry for the late answer, haven't been able to log in earlier.

    If it all happens again, break up with him! You gave him a last chance and he didn't change. If you stay with him, he might get the (unconscious) idea that you'll stay with him, whatever he does.

    - You gave him a last chance

    - He didn't take it

    Just keep this in mind; it's better to be hurt a lot at 1 point (breaking up) instead of being hurt all the time you stay together with him.

  • Well, if I really felt something for you, I'd fill bad that I didn't see it coming. I would want to change things so to try that we could work out better. You know, not wanting to lose you.

    That's just me. But these reasons are something to be ashamed of. I don't know for sure how your boyfriend would react.

  • A last chance is never to regret. You still love him and you do hope it can work out.

    Give him an ultimatum. If he doesn't change the way things have been going... Then you should break up, definitely.

  • Yes. I'll just talk about 'him' to make it easier to read. You don't trust him anymore, that's what I'm reading. It seems that talking about these issues just results into fights and these fights can't be solved because you/he can't leave it to rest.

    And especially reason 5 you gave is a downer! He should be with you most of the time or at least show he wants you to be happy (as well)!

    6 is the thing about trust.

    Without communication & trust a relationship is doomed. You can wait until it hurts, but you can give him an ultimatum as well. He might even want to break up as a result, but then it'll be clear to you! You have done your best and you shouldn't feel guilty in any way :)


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  • yes those are plenty of grounds to break up. if you are constantly fighting over the same things, then you are not happy together. it may seem like you love each other, but if they don't put you first, or try to resolve the problem in a mature way instead of arguing then you shouldn't be together. you will just be miserable all the time.


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