Regarding my previous questions: I fear the girl will stop talking to me?

Regarding my previous questions :
On Monday, this girl will return me a 50 note as I topped her mobile as she left her purse in office.
On Thursday she talked to me after 2weeks leaving me stressing. Then she returned my pen drive. I fear that she will stop talking to me after Monday.
I only cared for her n I respect her. I never thought of sex with her. The reason why I cared for her is coz I like her personality n character n good listener n easy to talk to.
I can never hurt her. She is a bit like ma ex girlfriend. I get connected easily with people like her. Although my parents r looking for someone for me but I can't connect even I try.
I do efforts to connect but can't. It's very hard for me. I want to cry as I feel sad but no tears.
What should I do.. N each time she will pass my desk while talking to other people, I will feel weird. I used to look at her but guess now everything is a mess. I never touched her sexually. My friends noticed something is wrong with me. They will want to know what it is but I fear they do know it's about the gal n me.
Last Thursday when my hand was on her hip n she moved, I felt her softness of her body but I didn't get HARD SEXUALLY.. Is it ok? Because I wasn't hard people consider me as Gay. Or I didn't get hard bcoz I wasn't thking sexually..

Help me


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  • I don't think you are really attracted to her

  • She doesn't like you. Leave her alone.


What Guys Said 1

  • While I commend you for being so open in this forum, I fear that the same characteristics that enable this openness are also likely in full force with you every day and this can/will turn people off. You're almost too personal and mentally clingy. The general reason for this is insecurity.


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