If a guy broke up with a girl is it OK for the girl to make contact with him a few months down the road? like to try and go out again?


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  • Yes sure, you can always ask. But don't expect him to let you in again, you never know what he'll decide.

    So hope, talk/ask and if it can't, try to move on ;)

    • You wouldn't find it creepy? like why won't she go away? I don't plan on asking him out. but at least try being friends with him first and just see how it goes I guess :/

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    • I'm sorry if what I said sounded harsh, I meant confronting him with you as his ex.

      If you don't text him, you never know what his answer would've been. If you don't know what to say, just write down a couple of key issues of how you want the convo to go. Like how you want to start, what you want to ask him... Just in case your mind goes blank.

      If you think you aren't ready for it you shouldn't do it. But if you wish to try it, go for it. As you were already thinking of it, I say go for it ;)

    • You're very sweet! I mean it's hard as in its difficult to do so lol because he isn't on the internet and I'm afraid to text. :)

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  • I think it's alright as long as you have your emotions under control.

    If you are trying to get back together with him that will take time and patience. You will have to ensure you understand why the break up occurred and find a way to learn from it. Understanding yourself and him is the first step.

    If you are past the feelings, then being friends isn't impossible. It happens. If you two really do have a connection it will always be there. But please don't think that being his friend will get you back your exboyfriend. It only puts you in the friend zone.

    Both can also end with no communication between you two at all. If he is currently seeing someone, he may not want to open that door with friending an ex. Proceed with caution.


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