How to get over a fuckboy?

I was hooking up with a guy from April 2016 til October 2016 through the summer and everything. It was great and we're in the same friend group so it's even more convenient. In October my roommates told me he was talking to someone and hanging out with her on weekdays so I was pissed. I was more pissed off at the fact that he didn't tell me, I'm a pretty understanding girl but I was hurt by this. However I knew I couldn't show I was hurt because we were "nothing" we were just hook up buddies who had been friends since one of the first days of freshman year (I'm a junior now in college). Any way I didn't think it was fair to me or the other girl if this boy hu with me so I subtly ended it without saying anything I just layed low and let things run its course however we never stopped snap chatting even while he was with this other girl. In December they ended whatever they were. Over winter break we talked and snapchatted but I was still mad at him and hesitant to start things up again. We ended up hooking up again a couple weeks ago but I've seen him hooking up with other girls and know he's slept with other people. I think it's best for me to stop everything and stop snap chatting him but it's so hard -- especially because I see him every weekend cause my group of girlfriends is friends with all of his friends. I need to know what to do and I need advice! Please help do you think he ever had feelings for me at any time in the 10 months we hooked up (on and off)? I don't think it's fair for me to continue hooking up with him if I have feelings for him and I get hurt every time he kisses another girl nevermind has sex with her. I just wanna know your opinions, comments, and advice on this situation


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What Guys Said 1

  • To be honest, I doubt he has feelings but it's normal to get attached during the hook up phases but you're right it's just casual hook ups.

    He is allowed to talk to other girls just like you're able to do so as well. I think it's best to cut off all connections with him if it's difficult at the moment.


What Girls Said 2

  • If you don't want to be around him anymore just stop associating with the people he hangs around with. That may leave you with only a few friends but that's ok because you can always meet new people and make new friends

  • Find another one. They're replaceable

    • True, thank you. Do you have any advice on how to get over him/be civil with him because I know I'll see him pretty much every weekend.

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