How do you "let someone go"? Am I doing this wrong?

Okay so I dated this really amazing boy. But things got complicated. And we broke up. My feelings remained and his slowly dried out. He started dating again and I knew being friends would be unhealthy for me so I left completely. He got upset and wanted me to remain in his life. We became friends, then I would draw back again and he would get upset and confused. The first day I left I told him that I still liked him and I couldn't be friends with him. And I thought I let go of him the right way. I deleted everything about him and gave things back to him. I accepted things and tried to move on. I tried exercises, read books, changed myself a lot, and even talked to new guys. Some weird, but never felt the connection I used to with him. But I just ignored that and continued on with my life. But he came back again. Wanting to be friends and involving himself in my life. I'm also feeling pressure from my friends to be friends with him again and that sucks. Did I not do this right? What does it exactly mean to let someone go?


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  • well I've only had to let one person go, but I found the best way to let them go is to talk to them about the problem, why you guys are breaking up. and once you talk to them, try to get them to re-asure you that it is the right thing to do, its a lot easier if the person you are letting go of is accepting of it. hope I helped a little.

  • it wrong for him to want to be friends. its in the past, let the past be the past. I couldn't move on from an ex so I transferred universities


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