Girls, Does she miss me?

Hi girls,

If you were hot, cold, hot towards your boyfriend, and your boyfriend decided it's not working and breakup with you. Will you miss him?

We both know that it's really difficult to be together. Her parents object and we are living worlds apart.

We did talk about her behavior and she says that it's very difficult for her to be totally devoted when there's no end in sight. She is always hot and lovey after we meet but turns cold after awhile. I see her like 6-7 times a year. We were together for 10 months.

We broke up before and this is the second time.

This time I broke up with her and now i am missing her like crazy. i told her that we can't be friends as i need time to heal and we have been no contact for 2 weeks. I have deleted my facebook account too.

I feel like initiating contact with her thus my question. Do you think she is missing me or has moved on?



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  • If i understood correctly by worlds apart is that you are in a long distance relationship. My best advice from experience is that when you are in that kind of relationship having an end to it and a goal to be together at some point is key. Being with someone that you don't know when you are going to see again or how long till the next time you see them is nerve racking and physical touch is always a need. You can keep up the communication if that is what you want to do, but i wouldn't suggest pursuing something else than a friendship if you don't plan to shorten the distance definitely.

    • I want to but if she is hot and cold, I do not know if i want to pursue.

      i ended the relationship because silently i am hoping that she will miss me and work on it.

      i really love her and it hurts when she is cold. I am not needy but i am over my head every time she acts distant.

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