Why does she keep trying to come back in my life?

Ok, so my long distance ex of about a year ago keeps trying to come back in my life... So, short historyof what happened. We met about a year ago in person, she went back home, we got back in contact a year later, became friends for a while and then started dating for about 1 1/2 months more or less. Just not to get into too much detail, I found out she cheated on with another guy but denied it constantly and blocked me on Facebook. They went out for about a month, she broke up with him "for pressuring her to have sex" or something like that and came back to me just wanting to be "friends" and I stupidly accepted. Anyway, it went good for a couple of weeks, but then she started acted distant and argumntative again and even stood me up when had the chance to meet in person again. I eventually found out she started seeing the guy again and told her to lose my number... I also found out that not too long afterwards, she married the guy. So anyway, after all that, about a month ago, almost a year later, she tried texting me something vague, just my name with a question mark at the. I ignored it and blocked her number. Then just yesterday, she finally unblocked me from Facebook and sent me a message apologizing for what she did. I decided to respond with a thank you and wishing her the best since she did take the time to apologize, but then she started trying to ask me how I've been and stuff. I just responded shortly and ended the conversation saying I was busy. She responded with a "oh, ok. I understand" and so far, nothing else... Why is she trying to suck me back in her life? From what I know, it seems like she's even still married to the guy and she even acknowledged that I didn't want anything to do with her in her apology (Even tho part of me would still like her back in my life but I now know she's not a good person from all this)...


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  • Give it a chance?

    • I don't know... Probably not the best idea with her

    • Maybe not, but you won't know, unless ya try.

  • Tell her you're not interested


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