Reasons why a guy stops talking to his ex?

He was the one who wanted to be friends after the breakup. Recently I confessed to him that the only reason we're still friends is because he pushed for it. But I got used to it after awhile and I loved him like a friend.

It wasn't really a fight, but I feel like our friendship changed after that. We don't really talk much anymore but I'm still cool with his friends.

What was wrong about what I said?


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  • He has a new girlfriend or maybe he can't deal with the separation of friend and girlfriend relationship.

    • He's had a girlfriend before and he was still talking to me and wanting to hang out. We dated over a year ago.

    • Your his yoyo or rubberband, i.e. fallback in the event something doesn't work out with another girl. It's up to you but, this is not a good place for you to be unless you keep it strictly friendship.

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