Confused Relationship?

My friend was in a relationship & Cheated on her when she was in abroad. Now he told her the truth and they broke up but he not able come out of relationship.


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  • They should have a talk and make a compromise...


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  • i don't understand who is your friend.
    girl or the Boy.

    it will take time. divert her or his mind. not give time to think about past. the more she or he will think about past the more he or she will go in depression.

    it will take time.

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    • yes I'm helping in moral... its been more than an year ryt now but he is not ready to come out of it. Thnkx.

    • bro... trust me this is the problem with boys. mentally not strong.
      tell him one thing.
      change himself now. delete every thing about past. 1 year is long time he is in a big depression. find a good for her.
      1. she must look better than her past.
      2. love him truly.
      and tell him to move on now. the more time he will take the more depressed he will be. tell him to get in a relationship with a new girl
      make new and better memories with the new girl. only way to move on. otherwise he will waste his whole for that girl.

  • Ask that girl if she will patch up with ur friend if it's possible then u don't have to do anything, if not then find a new girl for ur friend or try to divert his mind from releationship thing...

    • he tried convincing her some how she started txtng n call but not so healthy.

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    • I tried & I got mind f***kd...

    • ok try to convenience ur friend if u are unable to patch up...

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