Guys does a little jealousy ever work when trying to affect your ex?

I'm not trying to play games. I'm really not. I even removed my ex from snap and insta so he didn't think what I posted was trying to get him jealous. But I am curious if seeing another guy with his arm around me (on someone else's picture not mine) will bother him. It's the first time since we broke up that he will have seen this. Because I've finally moved on and am allowing myself to meet other guys. Before I was so afraid of making him mad I didn't post anything or really even hangout with other guys. But now I'm not thinking about how he would react. But I am curious if it will bother him? Please be honest and refrain from saying I'm need to not care etc I just wonder if he will be bothered by it at all. I would like it bother him a little if I'm being honest.


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  • You're still inadvertently playing mind games. If you're even entertaining the thought of whether such a picture will make him jealous, you're playing the game.

    It's not the actions that make you play mind games. It's the thinking behind it. If you're asking these types of questions, you're playing mind games.

    And it's not a good or mature strategy to winning anyone back. Your most effective strategy to win anyone back is to counter-intuitively move on, to stop thinking about how every little action is going to affect such a person.

    >> But now I'm not thinking about how he would react. But I am curious if it will bother him.

    These two statements blatantly contradict each other in ways that you should develop some self-awareness about.

    >> I would like it bother him a little if I'm being honest.

    That honesty is a good first step. Try to become even more honest with yourself and try to have some dignity.

    As for the jealousy side, maybe yes it will work if I'm honest. When I saw one of my exes I cared about with a new guy and kissed him in front of me at a party, I did get jealous.. or at the very least I finally realized it was over between us. I blocked her off and never saw her again after that. In retrospect I am glad I saw that because it was a key part of moving on and never thinking about her again.

  • You are a grown women a say ur not trying to play a game YOU ARE PLAYING GAMES.

    • Nope not really! Just curious. Playing games would be posting shit on purpose and hoping it made him jealous.

    • Just dont do it you are trying to make him jealous why? you want him back?

    • Don't do what?

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  • Here is my opinion, stop trying to make your ex jealous, nothing good comes from that. Have patience. I also recommend to leave another guy out of it. You can win your ex again, by trying to understand from both view points, these things just take time, and evaluation. Do you want your ex back?

    • I did. But it's not going to happen. He doesn't want to be in a relationship he is living the single life. i really wasn't "trying" to make him jealous. it really was just a picture my friend posted it was me just causally in the back with another guy's arm around me. I was just curious if it would bother him.

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    • it's alright, I found my inner strength :) I'm okay being single, now. it gives me time to reassess my life. ♡

    • That's right 💪🏼 Good luck to ya!!! Now if I can only take my own advice lol 😂

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