Should I ask my Ex's friend for advice to get my ex back?

So my ex and I have been dating for almost a year. We split due to her being an introvert, and depressed. She dumped me because she was afraid of hurting me. The night before we split, she changed her photo on her facebook to her in my hoodie. Its been about 4 days since we have last texted, and I was wondering if I should ask her friend for advice on her. Whether I should give her space, or wait til she reaches out to me, or whether i have no chance? I don't want her friend to be the messenger, I just want advice from the friend since its her best friend, and she would know more.


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  • noooooooooooooooo

    • Okay, then do you know how I should go about it?

    • go about it by going away from it she broke up with you because she isn't ready for a relationship respect her choice and get yourself a girl who is ready to be in a relationship

    • We were together for 11 months though. There was daily talking. Now, Im not going against your opinion, but maybe she is just having a moment, maybe I should give her alone time since she is an introvert?

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