My ex boyfriend still wants to be with me?

We broke up because my parents didn't allow me to date and he told them that we were. So I stayed 3 months in the relationship and i broke up with him like 3 weeks ago. He cried a lot of times for me. I care about him but he does stupid things like he likes fighting and he likes to skip school whenever he gets the chance. He's insecure. He threatened to kill himself if i broke up with him. He says he loves me so much and he's my first boyfriend and I'm his his first girlfriend. He made me struggle to be in the relationship. I don't know if going back would be the smartest Ide...


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  • It's your fault and you are blaming him. Get back to him.

    • how is it my fault? because i broke up with him?

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    • A simple no. Don't explain it to him, don't let him beg you again. Just say no and ignore every one of his attempts to contact you! Because the more you explain to him, the more chances he gets to make you "weak" and give in to him

    • Okay i see what ur saying. The more reasons i give the more he'll try to ask questions.

  • Tell him wait for 18 😂

    • I'm not waitin on dat nigga to get his shit together for dat long 😂😂

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