She ask me to cheat or what? And why?

The girl i love for 5 years.. we have been in long distance relationship.. for 2 years
And the relation get cold and boreing last months.
She love's me and waiting me.
But last months she have less attention
And last week she asked me to talk to other girls love chats.. and do whatever i want.. and screenshot the chats "love chats" and show her.
I refuesed so she said then we have to break up if u didn't.. and if i did.. she will tell me why
So what dose that mean?


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  • Man... I have to be honest with you. You have to talk to her. Tell her to make a relationship work you have to be mature enough to express what you need from your partner and what you feel without any mind games. Love is about comprehending each other and accepting. Talking is always the way. In a very calming way express that you love her and that you can't imagine being with someone else. Ask her if that's what she wants, because if that's the reason you should talk about it. Be open about what she has to say and decide from that. Never fight! Always be honest and talk about what you feel (even if it doesn't come naturally).
    Hope it helps!


    • First , thanks
      Well.. i said that.. told her i can't do i love her
      And can't be with anyone other
      But she Insists. So?

    • Being in a long distance relationship is really tough... My guess is that she feels the need to express her sexuality. I don't want to jump into any fast conclusions tho... But I think she needs to in some kind of way be with someone else because of the distance. But I'm only an outsider.. Can't you ask her if that's the reason behind it?

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  • she is now playing around with other guys and wants you to play with other girls to ease her own conscience


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  • no idea but if you want to stay in your relationship do it


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  • Either she's got some weird fetish or she's crazy or both


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