I Found My Girlfriend In Bed With Six Guys, When I Arrived Home. I NEED ADVICE!!! Should I Get Back With Her?

My girlfriend and I have been together for quite sometime. We love the same movie, music, book, TV show, and etc. I really love my girlfriend, and I believe nobody can replace her. I love the way she smiles, her elegant eyes, and the way she giggles at my jokes. We currently attend a highschool, our last year, since we're seniors. Her and I have jobs to pay rent, so we can still live in our apartment. She works at wendy's, while I work at Lows. It kind help us live on our own, and it's really not that bad

I started noticing my girlfriend's strange behavior, at school. She stopped hanging out with me, and hung out with these group of guys, that I didn't know. One day, I confronted her about those group of guys, who she hung out with. She told me they were her close friends. She laughed in my face, and said that I'm just being jealous, since we've been arguing that week. Two weeks have gone by, and I got notified by my friend, that she kissed each of the guys in the lips, at school. Him and I only get to see each other at work. I didn't believe him, until he showed me the video of her ACTUALLY KISSING THEM!!! I said take over for me, I'm going home to sort this out. He said if I leave, they're going to fire me, since I always arrive late. I didn't say anything and left. I got home, and I heard noises coming from room. I ran in there and I see 6 guys banging my girlfriend. They all got they're clothes, to watch me and my girlfriend argue. She said she doesn't want to be committed and tried to tell me that a open relationship could benefit both partners. Long story short, I said I'm not having that, we argued more, and she left.

The next day my manager calls me to tell me I'm fired. I got evicted from my apartment, now I'm living with my parents again. I can't seem to get her out of my head. I usually see her 3 times at school, when I was dating her. Now I see her more, like 7-9 times. Should I get back with her, if it means to have an open relationship?


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  • she had the train run her ehh...
    nasty!!! you would be a fool to even want to be with her after that.
    respect yourself...


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  • Make her love along with 5 other girls and tell her how it feels to hv polygamy!

    if she is okay with it.. alarms are ringing!! u need to get out of it at ant cost if tht bothers u.. coz she ain't stop having a gangbang sex.. that's what I cn say!


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  • She's obviously into you. The whole fucking 6 other guys at once... just practice... for you, take it as a compliment.

    • I'm not really sure. They used my bedsheets as a cum rag.

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    • I was thing about making it 10, but that sounds too ridiculous. I should've made it 7!!! 😭😭😭

    • lol well im in so add one

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes. Marry her with no prenup too.

  • if she wants youd back that bad make her get in bed with you and 5 other girls (totalling 6 girls)


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