I know I shouldn't of done this but curiousity got the best of me. Help?

I made a dating profile with zero info just to see if my ex is reusing his which he is. The reason he broke up with me was because he had just gotten out of a 5 year relationship and he said he couldn't care for anyone or love anyone and he wanted to figure his life out he said I was the best and all this stuff and we were together for a month and it was great honestly we clicked well and got along greatly.

but he's fixing his dating profile and all this looking for a relationship and it makes me sad because I've been having a super hard time lately to not think about him. He's the first person I ever met that I could be myself around 100% and not be ridiculed or belittled.

i messaged him like a month ago because I couldn't stop thinking about him and he had a few things of mine and I told him he could keep my hat and he thanked me and said it's a nice hat and it reminds him of me but I messaged him back and he never messaged me back.

i decided when he broke up with me that I wasn't going to rush into another relationship or anything (honestly I was hoping when he felt better he would want to try again). I want love to come to me not me go to it but some days are just hard. My friends are in relationships my sister is in one everyone around me is in one except for me and I'm quite lonely atm. All I do is work. I only have sundays off so my sundays are spent doing weekend chores and prepping for the week.

i really shouldn't of looked at his profile. I want him to be happy I do but it will hurt so much to see him in love with someone else. I still care and will forever care about him. It just breaks my heart and makes me jealous thinking someone else will have him.

i don't understand if I was as great as he said I was why he would totally and completely shut me out.


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  • He's probably doing a lot of the things he's doing to get you out of his mind too, after 5 years i dont really know how anyone can just end that and be completely fine.

  • Stop being pathetic and move on. It's over permanently and completely and you will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it


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  • sounds like you were just a rebound sorry :(


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