I am still sad that I made her cry :/ ?

7-8 months ago, I broke up with my ex girlfriend. As I said that I do not want to date her anymore, she began to cry. Was there a better way to end the relationship?

Also, I am not so successful in my courses anymore. Do you think that it is related to the fact that I broke up with my ex girlfriend?


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  • I'm sure you had a reason to end the relationship whether it was because you've lost interest in her, or you didn't trust her anymore. Basically, you've made a decision and you've stuck to it, regardless of what led to it.
    Her crying is simply how she reacted and you can't control how other people will react to your decisions and actions.
    Break ups are almost always negative and rarely do ex partners stay friends after ending their relationship. To me, the best break up scenario is when the decision to break up is mutual and there are no hard feelings and the two people stay on good terms.
    If you've done it respectfully and face to face and gave her a reason for breaking up, then I'd say it's alright.
    Considering the fact that you're thinking about your ex girlfriend (you did ask a question about her) may mean that you're not completely over her. Or perhaps you're trying to find a reason why you're not successful in your courses.
    Either way, I think that you feel a little guilty and that's messing with your head. Forgive yourself for making someone feel bad (after all, think about what would've been if you would have stayed in an unhappy relationship- you would have been miserable) and realize that it's inevitable from time to time to do something like that in order to make things right.


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  • I don't know if your success is related but it also MIGHT BE because it might be that your life is turning on a different path.
    And well what other way is there to tell her? You could do it in whatever way she would still cry, it's always a break-up and no break up is easy :) she will be over it, but don't try to jump back and forth or else you will confuse her and make her suffer even more...

  • A lot of girls will cry no matter what way you end the relationship (I'm definitely a crier lol). She'll appreciate your honesty once she's feeling better.

  • You are probably subconsciously overly worried about the breakup with your ex, and that's why you aren't as successful on your course

    You are feeling guilty , because you're compassionate and don't like the thought of her feeling hurt. Guilt is a heavy burden to carry

    It's inevitable she'll feel hurt, because breakups are painful. If she wasn't affected by the breakup at all, it would show she didn't really care about you.

    You did what you had to do. If a relationship no longer makes you happy then there's no point in staying. It's unfair to you and to her if you'd stayed.

    She will move on from the hurt, because hearts do heal and they do love again. At least now she has the opportunity of finding a guy who does want to be with her


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