Why am I still clinging to my past and my ex?

Ok, it has been THREE years since me and my ex split up and even though i don't miss her as much as i used to and even though it doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as it once did, i still get upset when i think about her from time to time.

We weren't in a healthy relationship, we would always argue and fight over petty things such as, "what time we usually met up" etc...
I was also clingy because she was my first serious girlfriend at the time.

It wasn't all bad though, we actually shared lots of similar loves and interests such as art, our music taste and the fact we were both really into anime at the time.

When we broke up, i was at work texting her on my phone and we were trying to talk through the previous night's argument and i brought up her ex and things went down hill from there, i never even got to see her again as we were on our summer holidays and she was off with her mother flying to Azerbaijan.

To sum it all up, It's been three years and i still miss her sometimes and it still hurts i really don't know what to do and i got together with my current girlfriend pretty much a month and a half after the break up and i do love her, she helped me a lot.

I have don't want to get back with my ex but i feel like i have so much unfinished business with her and i feel a deep and heavy feeling of sadness and regret whenever i see her on social media or irl, what should i do?


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  • Write her a letter saying EXACTLY how you feel. After that decide if you want to send it

  • because she was ur first love over time and meeting new girls u will forget her


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