Girls get out from an relationships depression easily?

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  • I disagree. My ex was over our relationship a lot quicker than I was. It took me months to feel like my normal self again after it all.


Most Helpful Guy

  • hmmm yes.
    as much i know studied and seen.
    that's. yes...

    boy are physically strong..
    women are mentally...

    and í seen myself girl get out of depression quickly becuase... girls are talkative. i mean they share and there pain to there sibling...
    boys they are completely opposite

    and there are many more reason...

    well not every girl is strong...
    but most of them are.

    not every boy is weak
    but most of them are.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I have been told by many men that emotionally it takes a long time to get over a break up. It may seem not, but it is. He said he felt women are just emotionally more strong and more focused about moving on than men.

  • What do you mean?

    • its easy for them to end a relationship simple? my thinkingg but need ur openion to get it clear

    • It's not always easy to end a relationship. Especially if you still love that person but you know things aren't working out. That's why people stay together even though they are unhappy, because it can be a hard thing to do

    • thanks buddy

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